Sightseeing and activities near Marangu

Kimori House in Marangu, Tanzania, provides an excellent base for a wide range of sightseeing and other activities, both locally and further afield.

In Mshiri Village:

  • Experience African village life and meet local people
  • Explore the local flora and fauna

In Marangu:

  • Visit the lively market
  • Explore the restaurants and bars
  • Visit local blacksmiths and see their craft
  • Visit underground caves used long ago in time of tribal warfare
  • Visit the site of the first coffee tree planted in Kilimanjaro

In Kilimanjaro National Park:

  • Watch wildlife
  • Walk in the foothills and/or climb the mountain.

Further afield:

  • Visit the nearby town of Moshi with its many souvenir shops and cafes
  • Pangani, Bagamoyo, Zanzibar and the Indian Ocean
Marangu Gate, Kilimanjaro National Park

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