Questions about Kimori House

How do I make a booking

Please contact us with details of the dates and number of people that need accommodation.

If I book accommodation for one or two people, will there be other guests at the same time?

No, you or your party have full use of the ground-floor accommodation.

Do I need my own transport or can I use public transport?

The best way to reach Kimori House is by car or 4x4. Public transport is limited and may not be suitable for the needs of foreign visitors. Private transport can be arranged.

Can I combine my visit with a climb of Mount Kilimanjaro?

If you tell us your requirements, we can arrange for your climb of Mount Kilimanjaro. If you decide to climb, you will need to allow sufficient time for the climb and acclimatization and obtain the right clothing and equipment.

Is it possible to be self-catering?

It is not easy to find all needs in the local shops and so we don't encourage self-catering. Anna is employed to look after guests and enjoys cooking for them.

Do I need to make any health preparations before visiting this part of Tanzania?

Marangu's local climate is relatively cool and healthy but before travelling to any tropical country you should seek up-to-date expert health advice about possible vaccinations or inoculations and it is always advisable to have suitable health insurance too.

What if I do become ill?

As well as the local clinics and nearby hospital, in emergencies your travel insurance should cover evacuation to a suitable hospital in Dar es Salaam, Nairobi or other location that is medically necessary.

Please contact us so that we can answer your questions and welcome you to Kimori House..