Location of Kimori House, Marangu

Kimori House rental accommodation is in Mshiri Village, Marangu, Tanzania. We are located just 5 km from Marangu centre and 4 km from Mount Kilimanjaro National Park. The nearest airport is Kilimanjaro (JRO).

How to reach us

  • From the airport, Arusha or Dar es Salaam, take the main road to Himo.
  • From Himo take the road heading north to Marangu.
  • Continue north following signs to the Marangu Gate of Kilimanjaro National Park.
  • As you pass the hub-bub of Marangu Mtoni, make sure that you continue in the same direction going up the hill.
  • You enter Marangu Mtoni with a CRDB bank on your right, and the road forks. The the main, right fork going slightly uphill. Very soon, take a left turn into the track that enters the hub-but of shops and a couple of petrol pumps.
  • Follow that track all the way up and up. When you get to Mshiri Church, Kimori House is on your left. At any point, please ask for ‘Anna Shayo’ and you will be directed to Kimori House.
  • As you go steeply up hill round very tight bends look for a church on your left with Lyasomboro Primary School next to it - both are painted yellow/green.
  • Immediately on your right you will see a tarmac track with a sign to Nakara Hotels.
  • Follow that track, at the bottom follow round to the right and make sure you pass the gate and garden of Nakara Hotels on your left-hand side.
  • Continue and you will shortly go over a river and up a very steep hill. At the top of that hill follow the track to the right. (DO NOT go straight on.)
  • You will come to another bridge over a river and continue straight on, the road then bears to the right and then continues past some buildings. You will see Kimori House on the left as it is the only tall building.

From the turning at Himo the journey will take about 40 minutes.

Address: Kimori House, Mshiri Village, Marangu, Tanzania.

Kimori House accommodation is in a mountainside village with stunning views. Hotel restaurants are nearby and local bars are on the doorstep. We are near lots of cultural interest!

Please contact us so that we can answer your questions and welcome you to Kimori House..