Climate and clothing

Suitable clothing

Kimori House is in the middle of a village where all local women wear skirts and dresses below the knee and only a few local young people wear shorts; men wear long trousers.

It would be appreciated if guests of Kimori House dressed similarly. Women wearing trousers is acceptable but shorts and short skirts are not suitable.


Although close to the equator, Marangu has a pleasantly cool climate due to its altitude.

Typical weather:

  • January - February: bright sunshine and hot
  • March - April: sunshine and rain
  • May - June: dry but cool
  • July - August: dry and becoming sunny
  • September - October: sunny
  • November - December: sunny and hot.

Daytime temperatures can be hot during December, January and February (possibly 30°C) and in September to October (possibly 25°C).

The evenings are cooler and it is advisable to have a fleece or jumper. In the winter months of May-July it can be chilly and jumpers and jackets are needed.

Kimori House provides hot-water bottles and at times a sitting-room fire will be lit which all adds to the comfort and enjoyment of the accommodation.

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Forest scene, Marangu, Tanzania

Please contact us so that we can answer your questions and welcome you to Kimori House..